Correia, Fleury, Gama e Silva Advogados

Is a dispute resolution boutique specialized in strategic litigation, mediation and arbitration.
Our firm provides both litigation strategy, preparation and settlement advice and conducts judicial, administrative or arbitration proceedings.

Our team has extensive experience in handling complex cases involving stockholder disputes, infrastructure and construction contracts, financial services and the power, telecommunications and oil & gas industries.

Our client base includes some of Brazil’s major banks and construction companies, large retailers, well-known real estate developers, some of the world’s largest private equity firms and international investors from the US, Europe and the Middle East.

Our team includes lawyers with vast experience in dispute resolution, listed in several domestic and international rankings and fluent in Portuguese and in English.

Our firm’s four key features


We are fully focused on preventing, preparing and resolving disputes through judicial or arbitration proceedings, negotiation or mediation.


Our lawyers have accumulated many years’ experience practicing at leading law firms where they honed their skills trying high-complexity cases involving large amounts or of significant strategic importance.


We have little exposure to conflict because we are a specialized firm. Our efficient structure enables us to be cost-competitive and to offer creative and flexible fee arrangements.

Personalized Services

Maintaining a very close relationship with each of our clients is key. All of our cases are directly conducted by at least one partner who will take active part in all its phases.

Areas of Practice

Our firm serves a wide range of clients and boasts vast dispute resolution experience in the energy, infrastructure, mining, construction, engineering, oil & gas and financial services industries.

Preventive legal advice

We provide advice both in relation to the legal remedies and measures available to resolve disputes and in assessing our clients’ chance of success in potential disputes. We also advise our clients throughout the performance of a contract.



Our firm boasts vast experience in arbitration proceedings. Our current arbitration portfolio includes cases involving several billion reais across a range of industries, especially civil construction and infrastructure, finance, retail, oil & gas and real estate.

Strategic litigation


We also have ample experience in trying business cases in federal and state courts, especially in relation to credit recovery, civil construction and real estate law, regulated industries and government contracts (energy, telecommunications, oil & gas and finance) and stockholder disputes. 

Although our lawyers are greatly experienced in high-value cases, we also conduct middle- and small-value cases deemed of strategic significance by the client.

Negotiation and Mediation

Our solid litigation and arbitration experience guides our perception of the opportunities for the amicable and efficient resolution of disputes. Our lawyers have participated in the negotiation of numerous settlements and have actively contributed to the recent increased use of business mediation as a means to resolve disputes.  



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Founding Partner

Founding Partner












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